Oak Meadows Farm is a family farm located just outside the city of Ferndale, WA. We are devoted to raising happy and healthy poultry and livestock in a sustainable manner that benefits both the land and the animals. Our goal is to provide local residents with an alternative to conventionally-raised meats.

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We get our chickens and turkeys as day-old chicks. For the first three to four weeks, the baby chicks are too fragile to survive out-of-doors. They live in a brooder house which is basically a structure designed to be a chicken nursery. The brooder house has a deep bedding of wood shavings that is replenished before each new batch of chicks. This builds up a deep anaerobic pack of compost available to spread on the pasture. The heat from the composting shavings also helps keep the chicks warm.

When the chicks are three weeks old, they are moved out to pasture. We use Polyface-style shelters (chicken tractors) which hold about 75-100 birds. The shelters provide protection from the sun and rain as well as keeping predators out and chicks protected while allowing plenty of fresh air to flow through the tractors! Natural instinct and behavior are evident in our chickens. They love foraging in pastures, always looking for natural sunlight and fresh air, as well as ground scratching and dust bathing.

The shelters are moved every day to fresh grass. The birds move eagerly onto the new pasture, enjoying bugs and their highly varied salad bar. Their healthy diet is supplemented with non-GMO, corn & soy-free feed produced by Red Bridge Farm in Colville, Washington. Hormones, steroids and antibiotics are never a part of our chickens' diet! Our broilers' average processed weight is 3-5 pounds.

At Oak Meadows Farm we raise Freedom Ranger broilers, Cornish Cross broilers and broad breasted turkeys.

Our poultry are either processed on our farm in our state-inspected mobile poultry processing unit or on another local farm that also has a state-inspected poultry processing facility.

Broiler chickens are a seasonal business here in the northwest. Winters are too cold and wet to raise birds, plus the pastures are dormant and the chicken manure does not get metabolized by the soil. We also enjoy having some time off after a busy spring, summer and fall! Frozen broilers are available for most of the fall and winter.

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